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People Of New Germany

New Germany, Nova Scotia
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Community for those living in or from New Germany, Nova Scotia. Upon joining, please fill out our intro survey below to give everyone an idea of who you are. If you are uncomfortable answering these questions, please feel free to leave them blank! Before you get to filling out the intro survey, please read the rules below.

Rules of new_germany:

1) Keep it respective. You can bitch, curse, rant and/or complain about anything you like, but direct disrespect toward any member in any way will NOT be tolerated. Instant banning will occur.

2) No spamming. Please don't post your online quizzes here unless they are directly relevant to this community. Use your own journal for spam.

3) Respect other's privacy. Because this is a community focused on a small geographical region, please do not reveal a person's identity unless they have chosen to do so first. This is their right, not yours. An obvious attempt to reveal a person's real identity for negative purposes will result in the offending user being instantly banned.

4) Have fun.


INTRO SURVEY! Please copy and paste the below survey, and your answers, to the community upon joining! Thanks!


1) Do you currently live in the New Germany area?
2) Care to tell us where?
3) What school did (do) you attend?
4) Favorite activity around New Germany?
5) Biggest pet peeve about New Germany?
6) Favorite place in/around New Germany?
7) Were you directed here by someone else in community?

barss corner, bridgewater, buggies, camping, delongs, farmington, fishing, fourwheeling, hemford, hiking, hunting, kirks, kitchen parties, lahave river, lake williams, lunenburg county, maplewood, new canada, new germany, new germany lake, newburne, ngres, ngrhs, ninevah, north river, nova scotia, ns, nslc, simpsons corner, snowmobiles, south shore, stanburne, the bulletin, the critter burger, the lighthouse log, the maritimes, the south shore, the station yard, the sticks, the woods